We had waited for 9 months for today. Our first baby - Isaac has just arrived to the earth :-). Me and my wife are very happy to see him.

We choosed Hanh Phuc Hospital for the pregnancy examination and baby delivery. The hospital’s services are pretty good.

My wife at the Hanh Phuc hospital

It was intended to be Vaginal Birth, unfortunately the doctor said that our baby’s head is bigger than normal, it would be hard for a natural birth, so we did C-Section (Cesarean Section). This is the Delivery Suite room where our family is waiting to see Isaac.

The Delivery Suite room

This is me in hospital’s visitor uniform before going to the operating room to support my wife during the C-Section procedure.

Me before going to the operating room

Our boy was born at 10:39 AM Feb 21, 2019

Isaac was born at 10:39 AM

His weight is 3.145

Isaac's weight

This is Isaac, our son! The C-Section procedure went well. Isaac was back to the patient room to see his familly.

Isaac in his room

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